1. Where can I find my software license?

    You get your license by mail (please also check your spam folder) if not you can also view it under your purchases by pressing the blue button. Read more.

  2. How to automatically import Proxies to GSA SER?

      First open Proxy Buddy and GSA SER.If GSA SER is loaded you will see an "Options" button, press it.If you see the Settings form press on the "Configure" button.Now you will see the GSA SER proxy panel.On the upper left you will need to click on the "Options" tab and check the "Automatically search for new proxies every xx minutes" checkbox.After this navigate back to the lists tab. Press on… Read more.

  3. Is there any user guide for Proxy Buddy?

    Yes it's located under your Proxy Buddy folder, but you also can view it online at http://download.gsoftwarelab.com/proxy_buddy/User%20guide.pdf. Read more.

  4. Do you provide support?

    Free and fast support are one of our key facts.We provide support for all of our paid and free software via email (contactgsoftwarelab.com) or via our ticket system https://shop.gsoftwarelab.com/oc-panel/support/index . Read more.

  5. I can't open Proxy Buddy!

    Please try to start Proxy Buddy as administrator.If you still need help please contact us. Read more.

  6. Is Proxy Buddy safe?

    Yes, of course! We develop software itself, so we can guarantee that there is no virus included!Proxy Buddy scrapes websites without a browser, this means dangerous scripts can't be executed. Read more.

  7. Do you provide money back guarantee?

    Yes, we provide 100% money back guarantee for 2 weeks. Read more.

  8. Do you maintain your software?

    Yes we frequency maintain our software to improve old features and add new ones. Totally free! Read more.

  9. Where I can find recent information about your software?

    If you visit our Blog you will be always up to date! Read more.

  10. I want to try Proxy Buddy.

    You can try Proxy Buddy using the Lite version. You can get it from  https://shop.gsoftwarelab.com/proxy-buddy/proxy-buddy-v2-lite.html . Read more.

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